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The Official Sean Patrick Folster Website! On these pages, you find all things least as they pertain to Sean's life in Film, TV and Theater. So have a look around, and don't hesitate to contact him with any inquiries you may have.


          Sean On "Madame Secretary"!                    Sean was thrilled to appear as Secret Service Agent Armando on Episode 208 with the show's star Tea Leoni and Emmy winner Zeljko Ivanek. Directed by the wonderful Dennie Gordon. Check back soon for air dates!

          Sean On "Gotham"!                                        Sean co-starred in Episode 205 as Penguin's henchman Stretch! Aired October 19th, you can see it now on the Fox app or purchase from ITunes.

          "Sweet Hollow"!                                          Sean's supporting turn in Sean Lee's Horror-Short "Sweet Hollow" is making its creepy rounds at festivals now. Check back soon for more details on when and where it might be playing near you!

          Sean guest stars in "The Specifics"!
Sean played Mr. Brentwood in "The Specifics", Sal Sutera's ("Unforgetable", "Elementary") film directorial debut. Check back soon for festival updates!

      "Under Jakob's Ladder" DVD!!
Award-winning feature "Under Jakob's Ladder", starring Jeff Stewart (BBC's "The Bill") and co-starring Christopher Elliot and Sean, is now out on DVD! Contact for more details...

        Sean's Teaching!!
The Folster Studio, a multi-disciplinary approach to acting training, is Sean's amalgamation of exercises, techniques and approaches from some of the world's most successful and noted acting teachers and coaches. To find out more, go to








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